What makes Annapurna Base Camp trek difficult?

Trekking in the world’s 10th highest peak of the world can be a challenge for few people and for others it can be just a normal trek of 10-11 day and 5-6 hours per day. 

The difficulty rather depends upon an individual and their capability. If you are a regular trekker with a strong body and positive mindset then ABC trek is not a problem for you.

Whilst if you are a fresh trekker and never have been in similar adventure before then you might want to check what type of obstacles you will possibly face amidst the trek.

To start with the altitude

ABC trek has a maximum of 4130 m which is considered as a moderate level trek in Nepal. The trek initiates from Nayapul, 1070 m. 

Source: peregrine

Considering a trek guide

This option will surely make the journey more simpler. The trek guide will be present not only to entertain but also will ensure you reach the destination safe and sound through a precise path. 

Additionally, keeping a porter is also a viable option for trekkers as it helps to reduce the stress of the backpack one carries. If you think you are physically fit enough to carry your own stuff than it is not a bigger deal. The trek is fun either way. 

About altitude sickness

As mentioned earlier about the maximum altitude this trek reaches, it is however obvious that one might be a victim of altitude sickness.

Source: abc

Once the altitude of 2500 is reached, trekkers can possibly have altitude sickness. Keeping distance to alcohol and sleeping tablets will help prevent the issue, still it is alway important to be extra careful about it. 

To mention about the duration

ABC trek as stated above is 10-11 days of 5-6 hour per day which can be3 challenging for some people. The duration however can be customized and make it shorter or longer according to the stamina of the trekker.

Now, about the facilities

The path of the trek contains small tea houses. This could be trouble for those who seek better facilities and options for accommodation, food, and drinks. 

Source: trekroute

Trekkers are prone to be dissatisfied and frustrated if they are expecting to have fancy restaurants during the trek. It is significant to be informed about these information to be prepared what trekkers are about to put themselves in.

Moving forward with trial difficulties

Not to mention, the mountain trials definitely consist of numerous ups and downs. You should not be expecting a smooth and easy trial. 

Going on through monotonous ups and downs of the trial can be exhausting for few trekkers. So, it is rather important to be mentally prepared prior to the journey. 

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