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dal bhat

Each country has its own way of setting up the cuisines. The people of the country are by whom the food and dishes are popular and get recognized. Likewise, in Nepal, there is plenty of food that has gained popularity so far. Few of them are listed below for you

Dal Bhat

Well, anyone would instantly get knowledge about what dal bhat is, once they visit Nepal. Being the usual dish, anything that excludes the rice is snacks for the Nepalese people. Dal bhat simply consists of rice, dal, curry, and pickle. These are the basic elements for the usual meal of the people from Nepal. You will possibly get dal bhat listed in every restaurant in the country.

Mo: Mo: 

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Well, as dal bhat is the regular meal, mo: mo: is the most preferred item for lunch. Generally, know as dumplings in other countries can be found in each flavor and type in Nepal. The most famous dumplings in Nepal is one that is found in the streets of Kathmandu and are decades old. The taste of those balls will leave your mouth full of delight. 

Sel Roti

This particular item resembles more like a donut because of the round shape, deep-fried and hole in the middle. Sel roti is not as sweet as a donut but contains a slight flavor of sweetness. This food can be found in the local shop in the country and often made at the home during festivals like Diwali.


Bara is one of the dishes of Newari cuisine that is a subset of Nepali cuisine. The habitat of Newari people can be mostly found in Kathmandu Valley and so is the dish. A popular Newari snack is bara (also spelled bada), which is kind of like a thick savory rice-flour pancake. It can be eaten plain, with an egg cracked on top or with minced buffalo meat.

Juju Dhau

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A thick, creamy, sweetened yogurt Juju Dhau or King Curd is one of the major attractions of Bhaktapur. The fresh yogurt made with buffalo milk is served in clay pots which makes this food even tastier. It has its own importance in various celebrations in Newari culture.


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This spicy Newari salad is usually made with potatoes or peanuts, as well as chilies (lots of them!), raw onions, fresh coriander, spices and is served cold. This very tasty dish is a popular bar snack and a must-have in multiple celebrations in Nepal.


Gundruk is made by fermenting leafy green vegetables and one of the popular food in Nepal. It’s commonly made into a pickle, called gundruk ko achar. It tastes like nothing else we can think of – slightly mushroomy and quite salty. It perfectly complements Nepali curries and it is usually added to a dal bhat meal which makes the perfect combo.

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