Trekking Guide : What to expect in Nepal

Trekking Guide

One of the major attraction in Nepal among tourists is trekking in the breath-taking Himalayas. The experience proves to be life changing for either an experienced trekker or a fresher. Trails throughout Nepal’s Himalayan mountains and foothills is unlike any other region in the world. 

Annapurna region and the Everest region are the two most popular among the trekking regions. Nevertheless, Nepal is a home to any kind of trek that suits you the best. Numerous of trekking destination hold their own beauty and characteristics and one can choose as per their requirements.

We bring you Trekking Guide to help you know about trekking in Nepal.

Air you breathe

Your journey in Nepal initiates through the capital city of the country, Kathmandu as the only international airport is situated here. This world heritage site undoubtedly holds numerous historical importance pouring culture and tradition. The only flaw of the city remains to be the pollution and the population. During the rush hour, the city is crowded and you might want to consider carrying a mask every time heading out.

In the mountains, the air is crystal clear but very thin and dry. Once again face mask will continue to be your friend as it protects your lungs from this harsh dry air and the dreaded “Khumbu Cough.”  The Khumbu Cough or the high-altitude hack tends to bring difficulty during trek and breathing. Avoiding overexertion and wearing a mask to keep moisture in the air going into your lungs will help prevent this.

Pack for eventuality

Well, it does not harm to be prepared for any unplanned situation during the trek. As the technology can surely predict weather, mountains can however be very changeable. Packing for all conditions is a better option whilst trekking. As the trek of Nepal can lead to the extent of most rural areas there might be a chance where you cannot be accessible to urgent materials.

Supplies are hard to be accessible once you leave Pokhara or Kathmandu. Which is why, packing for emergencies is suggested. A first aid kit is prioritized, as well as a water purification system of some sort.

Boots and trekking poles

Those who are fresher for trekking might not consider proper boots and poles as a necessity. The misleading information can come through the facts that ‘Nepali villagers from the mountain region are doing fine’. However, it is very essential to get our facts right as the villagers are living there and used to the trails which certainly does not compete with our trekking skills.

Same goes to the trekking poles. If you are not considering one of them while trekking, you are surely by all means making a huge mistake and will realize once you experience one. The steep ascents and descents can really test your joints and getting extra support is always acceptable.


Travelling without a trekking guide or porter is also a fair option. Nevertheless, considering them is a better option to be honest. With a proper guide comes multiple perks. Such as, it is safer to trek with a guide as they know the trails better, you will not get lost as they know the way fairly, and Nepalese guides, often members of the Sherpa people, tend to be incredibly nice people. Many trekkers develop friendships with their trekking guide that often last a lifetime.

Food and accommodation

Trek in Nepal will lead you to offer Dal Bhat and noodles almost every day. As the trek leads you to the rural areas it is certainly hard to find the variety of dishes. Likewise, food does get more expensive the higher and deeper you go into the mountains. Despite the repetitive meal, you will not have trouble finding a hot meal at the end of your challenging day.

Along with the food, the part of accommodation is also with fewer facilities. It is widely known as ‘teahouse’, or simple lodges where you can stay while trekking. Additionally, the trek like Everest base camp Trek has luxurious places to stay with a price to pay.

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