Top 5 major festival in Kathmandu Valley

holi - festivals in Nepal

Nepal, land of cultural diversity also holds number of miraculous festival that will amaze you. If you are planning for any tours in Nepal, we suggest you to schedule your trip in a way where you can at least attend one of the huge festivals. 

These festivals are definitely ‘not to miss’ things if you visit Nepal. If you are digging more information regarding the trip to Nepal, an article can definitely help you out here.

Here is the list of extraordinary festivals that you can encounter while you are in Nepal.

Indra Jatra ( September/October)

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You might have heard of the only living goddess in the Hindu religion. Ever wondered how is it possible? Or, ever thought if it is true? or is it possible to see this holy experience through your eyes?

 Well, visit the historical site listed in the world heritage site, Kathmandu Durbar Square during September/October. You will undoubtedly get a chance to experience the living goddess Kumari in a chariot with two other human representation of the deities Ganesh and Bhairava. 

Another event of the festival is Indra jatra.

The huge street festival in Kathmandu valley will give you unbelievable views with various exhibitions, masked dances and processions.

Holi : The festival of colors (February/March)

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The festival of color signifies the arrival of spring, the end of winter, the blossoming of love, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

 Make sure you are wearing old clothes during this festival because people all around the street will not hesitate to shower you with colors and water. People all around the country celebrate the festival in the street or home with multiple colors and water.

Dashain (Late September/October)

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Dashain is the biggest festival of the country and celebrated by the ethnicity of the whole country. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil

Among the Hindus and Newars, it is celebrated with slight differences and interpretations. Each nine days Navratri leading up to the 10th day called ‘Dashami’ carries special importance.

Bisket Jatra (April)

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This festival is an annual event in Bhaktapur, Dhapasi Thimi and Tokha and other places in Nepal. It is commonly referred as Biska Jatra. Held at the start of the new year on the Bikram Sambat calendar.

Approximately a month earlier, the chariot is assembled near the Nyatapola temple (five stair temple). Hundreds of people pull the chariot carrying a statue of the god Bhairava to the khalla Tole with thousands of viewers in the streets.

People celebrate and share greetings, throwing simrik color powder and playing Dhimay music all over the city.

Diwali (October/November)

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Firstly, the festival of lights is celebrated all over the country for over five days. The festival starts by honoring animals such as cows, dogs, crows and bullocks. the most illuminated house will be the choice of the Goddess of wealth to visit. As a result, the whole country is brightened like a newly wedded bride. 

Secondly, a bird eye view during this festival will give you an astonishing experience on the ground as well as the sky due to fire crackers.

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