Food Guide: Top 5 foods you have to try in Nepal


Are you coming to Nepal and are curious where to eat? Or are you here already and don’t know what to try? Living in Nepal, one of the greatest joys is the amazing food and different cuisines. We wanted to share with you what we believe are the foods you need to try when you’re in Nepal!


Momos are a very popular dish in Nepal. They’re dumplings stuffed with minced meat or vegetables served with a special sauce made from tomatoes. It is an example of Tibetan influence in Nepali cuisine. Originated from Tibet from back in the 1900’s, it is one of the best dishes to try while in Nepal.


Lassi is a yogurt based drink- yogurt mixed with water and sugar. It’s thick, creamy and chilling. Best during summers but honestly, the drink goes best almost every month. One of the best places to have this drink would be in Indra-chowk. The place is popular for its lassi. No matter what the time it’ll always be crowded.

Street Food

One of the best things about the streets of Nepal are its street food. They’re deep fried goods served with homemade spicy tomato sauce. The food is almost always covered with chilly flakes and timur (a local spice). Some popular street food are syabhale (a fried food stuffed with minced meat), sausages, alu chop(mashed potatoes balled and fried), etc.


Samosas are made of white flour- fried with stuffings of mashed potatoes. The outer layer is crispy and inside is full of yummy and spicy fillings. You can get this almost anywhere in Nepal.

Daal Bhat

You cannot not have Daal Bhat when you’re in Nepal. It is a national dish, is found everywhere in the country. It is rice served with beans (daal), vegetables, meat and pickles. Ideal way to eat it would be by pouring your daal on your rice and eating it with your right hand by making balls of rice and putting it in your mouth with the help of your thumb.

So, here was the list of foods we think you should not miss. Check out our article here to know more on what to do in Kathmandu!

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