Things you can do During Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp

Choosing Everest base camp as your trekking destination might be one time experience in this life. One needs to be experienced and well-known about all the information regarding trekking before deciding a trek to Everest base camp.

Well, if you are familiar about trekking any ready to get set for your next destination ‘Everest Base Camp’ than here are few things that you can do during your trip.

Kathmandu-Lukla flight

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The bird eye view during the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is a thrilling experience and something you should not miss at any cost. You will be able to see the variants as you leave city and notice the diversity in the natural beauty. Additionally, Lukla airport is famous for ‘the most dangerous airport in the world.’

Tie blessing scarf on suspension bridge

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You will encounter number of suspension bridge along your trek which you will find full of blessing scarf (khada). Tying a blessing scarf on the suspension bridge is considered as a symbol of good luck among the Sherpa community. You might want to buy one and tie it for the amazing trek ahead.

Everest view hotel

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World’s highest located five-star hotel “Everest Hotel” is a must visit. With a cup of tea and view of Everest make the journey certainly more exciting and satisfying.  

Praying ceremony in Tengboche Monastery

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The holiest place in the entire Khumbu Valley for Sherpa, Tengboche Monastery is a must visit during morning or evening prayers where you will achieve a different vibes of peace and harmony.

Prayer flags

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Several passes like Pheriche Pass, Thukla Pass, Lobuche Pass and others will be on the way during the trek where memorial statues built in the memory of late climbers so you can get small size prayer flags and tie it on stones to show your solicitude towards the climbers.

Party at Namche

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Now that you have made it, enjoy the varieties of liquor on the bar as you can crash at several pubs in Namche.

Sherpa Museum

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Sagarmatha National Park Museum is located in east of Namche is bordered by Mount Thamserku where you can manage a hike and take a visit.

Prayer wheels

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Hundreds of prayer wheels can be seen in Khumbu, bir or small. Make an effort to rotate entire prayer wheels along the way as you will be able find peace in your mind.

Writing name of the stone

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Remember to craft your name on one of the stones as Khumbu Icefall and Glacier generate millions of stones. It will be a memory for a life time if you keep a picture of it.

Unauthorized Starbucks

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Not the official branch of the Starbucks but the coffee still tastes good for sure. This coffee shop is next to the Irish Pub in Lukla which is a must visit.

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