Refreshing Rafting- a way to spice up your visit to Nepal in 2020

Need something different? Here’s a thrill- rafting! Yes, rafting is one of the adventures that you will definitely not forget. It is an experience that one must feel at least once in their life. If you are planning to Visit Nepal this 2020, make sure you don’t miss out on rafting. Here are a few rivers that are great for rafting!

Tamur Rafting in Nepal- 11 Days

Perfect for those looking for an all round, hard-core adventure it has to be the Tamur. It combines a Himalayan trek with a white water (what has been described by raft guides as some of the best whitewater in the world) rafting adventure and offers stunning views of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga and Makalu. The trip starts with three days trekking.

Rafting in Tamur. Source: excitingnepal.com

Highlights include the camp at Gufal Pokhari, a stunning lake with incredible views and navigating non-stop Class IV rapids. The rafting starts with the two biggest rapids of the whole river. The Tamur flows through an unspoiled gorge that is visited by very few people on the planet and it also introduces you to a number of remote villages and beautiful beaches.

Rafting in Tamur. Source: outdoorhimalayan.com

Sun Koshi River Rafting- 8 Days

The Sun Koshi River, listed as one of the top ten rivers in the world by National Geographic, is born in the highest peaks of the world and has to be on everyone’s bucket list. Eight days of whitewater rafting, the most pristine white sandy beaches that could beat even the most exotic beach holiday, Hindu temples, jungles, wildlife, local villages, waterfalls and stunning scenery. It lets you dive into the majesty of the Himalayas before it joins the Ganges on the plains below.

Rafting in Sun Koshi River. Source: excitingnepal.com

Rafting in the Sun Koshi is a must-do for any adventure lover. The forested canyons and gorges are full of Class III-IV rapids and the final stretch takes you through a dense jungle with chattering monkeys to keep you company. And it isn’t just about rafting. You also get to enjoy exotic beaches, pass local villages, visit remote temples and marvel at the stunning scenery all around you. If you can only pick one trip to do in Nepal, it has to be this one. There is nothing better than paddling during the day, enjoying campfires and BBQs at night, setting up camp and traveling on the following morning. It really is a very special way to travel.

Karnali Rafting- 10 Days

This is one river rafting adventure that needs you for quick paddling. Hydroelectricity is growing at a great pace in Nepal and River Karnali is one of the many rivers that are under threat where a dam is expected to be built. This change will change river rafting forever. Thus, it’s now or never if you wish to go on one of Nepal’s greatest river rafting adventures. It has up to class IV rapids.

Karnali River Rafting. Source: himalayajourneys.com

The first four days of your expedition are easily the best and most adventurous as you get to encounter a number of good rapids. The river then levels out and it’s a nice float trip from then on. It is also perfect excuse to keep an eye out for the rare freshwater dolphin that also lives in the Karnali River. Keep in mind that this river is more remote than some of the others, and getting there can be half the adventure!

Karnali River. Source: sattelitetreks.com

So, here is the list of rivers you don’t want to miss out. But before you leave, here is our article on: “Things to know before travelling” in case you forget!

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