Patan Durbar Square

The ancient royal palace of Patan, the oldest of all the three cities of Kathmandu valley, is best known for its artistic heritage. Another name of Patan, is Lalitpur. This concentrated mass of temples (Patan) is perhaps the most visually stunning display of Newari architecture to be seen in Nepal. The former Royal Palace i.e. Patan Durbar Square is the center of Patan’s religious and social life and houses a museum containing an array of bronze statues and religious objects.

There are three main courtyards or chowks, so named central Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk and Keshav Narayan Chowk in the square. Temple construction in the square went into overdrive during the Malla period (14th to 18th centuries), particularly during the reign of King Siddhinarsingh Malla (1619–60). It is probably one of the oldest Buddhist City in the world. Patan Durbar square is a famous visiting place. The square is full of ancient places, temples, and shrines noted for their exquisite carvings. It’s well worth at least a half-day trip from Kathmandu.

patan durbar square

The Major attraction of Patan Darbar Square are as follows:

Patan Museum

This museum inside the durbar square specializes in bronze statues and religious objects. It is considered as one of the best museums in Asia.

Hiranya Varna Mahavihar

Located inside Kwabadehul, this three- story golden pagoda of Lokeshwar (lord Buddha) was built in the twelfth century by King Bhaskar Verma. It is famous as the golden temple. Inside the upper story of the pagoda, are the golden images of Lord Buddha and a large prayer wheel.

Golden Window

This was specially built for King Siddhi Narasingha Malla. His devotion to Lord Krishna as well as the Buddhist God of compassion Karunamaya.

golden window

Mahabouddha Temple

This temple of Buddha built interestingly in the Hindu Shikara style- has five golden pinnacles. They are all in a stupa shape very symbolic of five basic elements.

Golden Temple

This golden temple of Buddha in Patan is the oldest richest and most famous monument. It was built in the 12th century and is known for its beautiful gold works.

Krishna Temple

The Famous Temple of Lord Krishna holds a commanding position in the palace complex of Patan. It was built in the 17th century. It is the only temple in Nepal to have 21 shrines. One of the amazing things about it is, it’s completely made of stone. Most of the important scenes from the ancient Hindu epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, have been engraved on its friezes.


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