5 things to know before trekking in Nepal

trekking in himalayas

With the Himalayan terrain and the extraordinary landscapes, trekking in Nepal sure can be your best adventure and one of the most challenging journeys. From lush jungles to roaring rivers, from the peaceful sounds of nature to the hustling cities, everywhere you go in Nepal, it’s a whole new experience.

While this once-in-a-lifetime experience is truly exhilarating, navigating through it could be a challenge. Therefore, we have put together a list of things to know before trekking in Nepal to help you ease the journey. Experience the best of trekking in Nepal with our tips while trekking through the challenging trails of Nepal.

Plan Contingency days

It is a good idea to plan some contingency period during your trekking trip to Nepal ahead of time. While your trek has a specific schedule, the Himalayan weather might not always support your plans for the day. It is likely that you flights could be delayed or you might not be able to go further due to the climate. Make sure you have extra days planned for situations like these to keep you ready on the trek.

Educate yourself on altitudes

While reaching as high as you can might excite you, trekking through the mountains has its own dangers. When you are trekking above the altitude of 2500 m, you are likely to be faced with Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Hence, it is important that you get necessary knowledge on AMS and how to avoid it before your trek to Nepal.

Learn about the local cultures

Nepal, home to more than 193 ethnic groups and languages has a unique culture everywhere you go. Majority of people in Nepal follow Hinduism and Buddhism and have very specific customs and practices. It is important that you understand and respect their cultures when you are trekking the trails of Nepal. Address people with ‘Namaste’ or ‘Namaskar’. The locals in Nepal are known to be very friendly and hospitable.

Local Guides and Porters

While some of the treks have clear locations and markings, it can always be helpful to take along local guides or porters with you. With guides, you can have someone to lead the path and help you explore things that might not catch your eyes, porters can carry your bags and stuff for you so you can trek the trails easier. Having guides and porters can help you not get lost and complete the trekking with less troubles.

Drinking water

If you are trekking in Nepal, sticking to the use of bottled water is the best option. Drinking water directly from taps might not be safe in many places. You may want to bring a boiling pan and filter for the tap water if you plan to stay in Nepal for a while. Moreover, please be responsible with the disposal of the plastic bottles in the trail as this could severely pollute the environment. Make sure to keep your body safe while protecting the environment of Nepal and its Himalayan trails.

These tips can go a long way while you are on a trek to Nepal. Take care of some other things such as personal hygiene as daily showers could be a luxury, first aid kits and make sure you keep your luxury items safe. OAT welcomes you on a trek on the breathtaking trails of Nepal. Book your tickets today with us.

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