Underrated tourist destinations in Nepal


A place located in the eastern lip of the Kathmandu Dhulikhel lies 1550m above then sea level, on the south of the Himalayas the place can be a perfect spot for viewing the Himalayas, the place also has a cultural and historical element to it. You can get a good view Mount Annapurna, Mt. Langtang, Ganesh Himal, and Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Gaurishanker etc. serving as a home to different cultures like Newar, Chettri, Tamang and Dalit. 


located in the southern most side of the capital city of Kathmandu and believed to be the highest hill station, not only is it one of the best places to visit in Nepal but it also has a conveniently assessable point of view. This hill station is also very famous for bird watching. There is a lot of involvement of hikers because it’s considered as one of the naturally rich and easily accessible climbs in Kathmandu. The astonishing and picture perfect view of the Kathmandu valley and the view of mount Gaurishankar and mount Annapurna from the eastern side is just amazing. You can reach there in just few hours from the main city of Kathmandu.

Panch Pokhari

Which literally means 5 lake lies at the base of himal jungle, with a lot of religious significance? The trek to Panch Pokhari is for 12 days. The road to ever lasing experience goes through untouched villages with a striking view of the Himalayas. The trek has to offer perfect Mountain View alongside from authentic and remotely cultural experience throughout the trek.


If you want to visit a place with a religious importance Janakpur is the way to go. The birth place of Sita the wife of lord Ram. This place holds special importance to all the Hindu’s all over the world. The itself holds historical significance and is a must visit if you want to enjoy the culture of the region. “Janaki Mandir” is one of the most important ancient work of architecture in the region.

Rara Lake

The biggest and the deepest lake situated in the Nepal at an altitude of 2290m above the sea level covers an area of 10.8 km. All sides of the lake is surrounded the Rara National park. The very park was built to preserve the lake the lake on all sides in surrounded by the national park. The park also has a rich variety of fauna and is also used for preservation of the same alongside the rare and valuable species found in the area. The lake has an average depth of 100m and maximum depth of 167m. It truly is as Bill Greer defines it ‘’a shimmering blue jewel set in a ring of snowy peaks.’’


Daman a place located in the central part of the country in Makwanpur district, lies at an elevation of 2322m. Daman stands tall not just in but in pride of having one of the best views of the Himalayas. Look to your east and you will see top of the world Mount Everest, look to your west you will see mount Dhaulagiri. Imagine this first snowfall with the backdrop of the Himalayas and the sunrise a sight to remember and a joy of experience. The place also holds religious importance, a temple dedicated to lord shiva known as Risheshor Mahadev. The place is also home to one of the largest botanical gardens in Nepal.

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