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Trekking, according to the definition “is an activity of walking with a specific purpose and condition of enjoying the scenery”. It is usually done to enjoy the nature as it is hence, trekking is specifically great in area of pristine wilderness where one can enjoy the scenario and connect with nature. Mountains and place for higher altitude elevation are some of the most amazing and interesting places to visit and better more, trek to. Since they are mostly not connected by main roads where vehicles drive by continuously, the natural beauty of these places are stored as they are.

With the mission of VISIT Nepal 2020, we at OAT would like to host you for the trek of a lifetime. Nepal is a country with diverse culture, spiritual significance and the best hospitality that one can experience,

Reaching to some of these places are hard and that gives the trip even more significance, experiencing nature in its most pristine form. And what better way to experience nature than on foot where you can capture the serene beauty longer without the pollution that is so evident in the cities. For some, trekking may be enjoying and embracing the past while for some it can just mean to enjoy the beautiful landscape and prospect that nature has to offer and for some gaining an insight of spirituality.

Some of the best trekking in the world are offered in Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, and India.

Some of the best treks in the world is offered by Nepal. Form on top the world to short trek that last just few hours, Nepal has it all. The most untouched and inexperienced experience. Here at Overseas Adventure & Trekking we have done all the hard work and listed some of the best trek that Nepal has to offer and the best part about it is that you can customize your trip just the way you want.

Find your reason to trek and feast on the beauty of nature with OAT.

Most Popular Trekking in Nepal