Things to know before travelling!

If you want to go travel somewhere and don’t know what to expect or what to do, we’ve got it covered! We have come up with a list of things we advise be kept in mind before traveling.

Try going during the Festivals

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The festivals have all the magic. That is the time where people come out to celebrate their traditions. Going to a place/country during the festivals will be an effective way to see and enjoy the unique culture of theirs. You can also mingle with the locals and celebrate. It will be the highlight of your travel!

Choose a travel buddy wisely

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The sole purpose of travelling is to have fun and relax. If you go with someone that doesn’t vibe with you, then you will be stuck on the negative feelings than enjoying the moment. You should travel with people who have similarities with you, so that it won’t be a problem being yourself. You might get cranky, irritated and sometimes annoyed from all the tiredness, so make sure your travel buddy connects with you so that such problems don’t affect your relationship.

Take photos of key documents in travel

You can never guarantee or confirm that you’ll never forget or lose your necessary credentials. To avoid any inconvenience, click a picture of what is necessary. Upload and save them on your google drive, this way anywhere you go, you can access it through your google account.

Spend more time in less places

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Don’t travel for the sake of travelling. You’re there to enjoy and have fun. Going to too many places and cramming your time short will not help you to have some quality time. It will block you from seeing the beauty of the place. Rather, you’ll be running around making sure you reach the place more than enjoying the place. So, keep the list of destinations short but try to have the most fun in them.

Check the weather forecast before traveling

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You should always check the weather forecast before travelling. You can never be certain on what to pack rather you’ll be taking a bit of everything. Sometimes you return home with clothes you didn’t even put on once. Checking the weather helps you pack and also makes sure you know what you’re dealing with. If it’s cold the next few days and you hate cold, don’t go, go when the weather is better.

Try the local food

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You’ve never really traveled fully if you haven’t eaten the local food. Eating local helps you connect with the culture and the people. Try getting out of your comfort zone and have a taste of their local food.

Here were the list of things we thought a traveler needs to know. You have some more in mind? Comment below on what you think are the other things one must be mindful about while traveling. Come to Nepal for an amazing travel experience here’s an article on why you should Visit Nepal 2020.

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