Things to do in Kathmandu

Kathmandu the capital City of Nepal also the largest city in all of Kathmandu, the valley is fully surrounded by the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. At an elevation of 1400m Kathmandu is the epicenter for all the tourists travelling in Nepal. There are tons of things you can do in the city of Kathmandu so here we have listed a few things you can do in Kathmandu.

Walk it out in Thamel

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Thamel is like the tourist hub in Kathmandu, you can find anything and everything in Thamel from 2nd hand books to new books, or just enjoy the environment over a coffee and find the best of the best souvenirs and endless goodness of Nepali cuisine and momo.

 Thamel and its streets lead you to endless experience of Stupa all across the street and some really good people and hospitality to enjoy in Kathmandu. The place is also comes under vehicle free zone you don’t have to worry about all the traffic and pollution from the smoke.

Explore the backstreet of the city


If you want to experience the old Kathmandu and how people actually live in the city and how locals live and what they do on a daily basis exploring the backstreets of Kathmandu is just the thing to do, place which are not so popular and filled with tourist.

 Where you can just enjoy a local tea and move into a spices den and see all that is there to see. Visit hidden and secret temple, learn more about local life of Kathmandu and local heroes and how all goes down is.

Enjoy a Coffee

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Kathmandu has one of the most unpopular coffee that just tastes so great, coffee beans which are grown at a height of 4000m, coffee in Kathmandu is quite unique and has a sense of nutty texture to it with very less bitterness

Eat it out with local flavor

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The Nepali cuisine is hands down one of the best cuisine you can ever taste, dal bhat thali is the most famous foods you can find alongside momo which is a type of local dumpling made with a Nepali twist. Nepal, especially Kathmandu in the ancient times use to serve as a trade route between India and China and its food is heavily influenced by both of these countries but has its own local Kathmandu twist to it and also is very healthy as compared to other south Asian food.

Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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From a holy Hindu temple Pashupati to Boudhanath stupa one of the biggest stupa in south Asia known for its Tibetan Buddhism attraction you can find really diverse cultural existance in Kathmandu ,Kathmandu valley has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If in Kathmandu these places are something you should not miss at all.All these 7 places in Kathmandu hold special cultural significance and is a step towards understanding and experiencing a new culture and enjoying it.

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