Chitwan - elephants in National park

The cities of Nepal hold a variety of beauty, every city one chooses to visit, will be amazed by the wide definition of beauty. The fourth largest city of Nepal, Chitwan is one of the popular destinations and tours in Nepal for tourists who are willing to explore the wildlife of this country.

It has a tropical monsoon climate with high humidity all through the year and lies southwest of Kathmandu close to the Indian frontier. At an altitude of only 100 meters in some areas, much lower than Kathmandu at 1400 meters, this area has a tropical monsoon climate, usually quite different from what most people expect to find in Nepal.

Since the end of the 19th century Chitwan ‘Heart of the Jungle’ used to be a favorite hunting ground for Nepal’s ruling class during the cool winter seasons. The coherent protected area of 2,075 km2 (801 sq mi) represents the Tiger Conservation Unit (TCU) Chitwan-Parsa-Valmiki, which covers a 3,549 km2 (1,370 sq mi) huge block of alluvial grasslands and subtropical moist deciduous forests.

The city covers the first national park of Nepal, Chitwan National Park, included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites and is the major attraction of the city. Apart from trekking and ancient history related destinations in the country, Chitwan leaves a different kind of experience for tourists and has a particularly rich flora and fauna. 

This city will amaze visitors with an amazing experience.

Major Highlights to live in Chitwan,

  • Wildlife and conservation area
  • Safari within your comfort
  • A wide variety of animals (rhinos, Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears, gaur (buffalo) deer, and many other critters)
  • Freshwater dolphins (gangetic)
  • Crocodiles inhabit the rivers and streams but are rarely seen
  • More than 500 species of birds