5 Reasons to Choose Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

5 reasons to choose annapurna base camp trek

Annapurna base Camp trek, also known as the ABC trek is hands down one of the most famous treks in all of Nepal. At an elevation of 4130m or 13550 ft. it is a popular and quite short trek as compared to other treks, which is classified as moderate under the difficulty level. The trek usually takes about 7 days the trek starts from kimchee which is about 3hr drive from the city of Pokhara from where you have to trek about an hour to the village of Ghandruk. The trail takes you through forests and fascinating traditional villages of Ghandruk and Chhomrong Gurung village.

Moderate Trek

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One of the best reasons to do the ABC trek is its level of ease. You don’t necessarily need a prior trekking experience to trek the ABC. The trail consists of uphill and downhill trekking which when done is snowcapped mountains is quite achievable and there is also very low chance of suffering from altitude sickness as compared to high altitude treks. Similarly chances of mountain sickness is also very low. The trekking routes of Annapurna Base Camp Trek are easier which doesn’t consist of rough terrains. More or less there are flat lands either ascending higher or descending downwards.

Tea House Accommodation

tea house accomodation

Tea house accommodation is available in ABC, which is very comfortable and cozy and there are a lot of tea house accommodation along the way. Moving from one tea house to next shows the large aspect of comfort it ensures. There are enough numbers of tea houses providing different services. So, there is no need of carrying a tent or food. But the availability might depend as per the peak trekking season. After a walking endlessly for hours, a cozy tea house to rest in is all you need. Trekkers won’t face any difficulties in regards to finding good accommodation.

Easy Accessibility

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Annapurna base camp trek is an easy and accessible trek and it begins from the city of lakes Pokhara It is extremely accessible as you can either take road or a plane to reach Pokhara. This is one of the highlights of this trek. The trek’s easy accessibility makes trekking hassle free. Within a few hours you can arrive at Pokhara with ease and affordability. The availability of easy transport, communication and accommodation makes ABC Trek a must go experience.  

Exploring diverse culturally affluent villages:

village near annapurna range

On the way to the Annapurna Base camp, the path traverse through multiple culturally rich Gurung village. Gurung are the major local inhabitants of this place. Whenever you encounter the stone paved staircase, you can guess that it’s the Gurung Village. The people of this village are so friendly and treats every guest as the god. You will receive the friendliest hospitality and every “Namaste” you hear and reply will surely bring a smile in your face. 

You can get deep insight into local living style, culture, tradition, food and dresses along with helping the local economy to grow. So explore, learn and see the culturally rich Gurung community and make the memory to cherish for the lifetime.

Get an insight into the Nepali Way of Life:

road of a village

If you are a true explore and have set on a path of exploring Nepal, then you’re probably keen on diving deeper into their unique culture. Trekking on the path to Annapurna Base Camp, you will be able to insight the Nepali way of life. The more you gain the altitude, you will be diving deeper into the predominantly Buddhist area. Not only that, you will also have the opportunity to encounter and experience the day-to-day life of rural Nepalese people. Most of the people living in the Annapurna region are farmers but most of the income source is Tourism.

On the every village you pass through you will be encountering people with different ethnic group, each with their different culture, tradition, dress and background. The common part about each people of this region is their simplicity and happy way of life. More importantly, you will be surprised to see there pure happiness with so little they have.   

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