10 Reasons to visit Nepal 2020

Unity in Diversity

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Unity in diversity, Nepal is a country of many culture and traditions. Nepal is multi-religious, multilingual, multi-ethnic and multicultural country. People of different faiths live in Nepal having different faiths culture and ethnicity have in harmony since primitive ages. Unity in diversity is the truly defining characteristic of the Nepalese.

And because of the diversity of the country travelling and experiencing and understanding different culture and religious makes the trip even more fun.

Hospitality which is unparalleled 

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Hospitality as Wikipedia suggest is Hospitality is the relationship between a guest and a host, wherein the host receives the guest with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”.

 And the hospitality of the people of Nepal is something which can never be paralleled by any other, the people in Nepal are very welcoming and friendly. In Nepal you can be carefree and just relax because here in Nepal people look out for each other and are really helpful inviting and friendly. Truly one of the best hospitality experience you can ever get.

Trekking in Everest

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At an astonishing altitude of 5364m who would not want to step a foot on the Mount Everest. The Everest base camp is without a doubt one of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal. Of course, the country of Mt. Everest is bound to receive the most traffic in the lap of the highest point on the earth. This trek is one of the prime examples of the heavenly experience we talk about when it comes to Nepal.

The trek is full of and not just that along with it comes the luxury of the best hospitality of the typical Sherpa culture with some of the most antique monasteries. Countless glaciers and drape of icicles and the alluring view will just add to your fun of the trek. This trek also comes with an alternate of doing the Everest helicopter tour for those who don’t want to trek and still see the Everest.

World Heritage Sites

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Nepal is a synonym for world heritage site in the capital city alone there are 7 UNESCO world heritage sties.

All together there are about 10 world heritage site all over the country from the peaceful vibe of the birth place of Buddha (Lumbini) to the wildlife of the Chitwan National Park. If you want to visit a place with cultural, historical and scientific significance Nepal must just be the place for you.

The Annapurna circuit

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Annapurna Circuit trek comes with delightful trek in the foothills of the whole Annapurna range. The trek leads you from the lush fresh fields to mountainous forests. To finish in the barren dessert like place in Manang and Mustang.

 All of this also comes with the special gift of the breathtaking view of the Himalayas and all of Annapurna range. The Annapurna trek comes with a very diverse trek route where you can collect many sweet memories you will recall lifelong.

Wildlife Reserves and National park

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There are about 20 protection areas in the Nation of Nepal. Which consists of ten National Park three wildlife reserve and six conservation area and one hunting reserve. Just the perfect place to be to enjoy the natural existence of wildlife and nature.

From rhinos to rarest tiger you can spot the most extinct animals in some of these national park and wildlife reserves in Nepal. You have to be here if you are a wildlife junkie.



Nepal comes among one of the world’s cheapest countries. And that’s what makes Nepal so each and one of a kind experience.

Living in Nepal can easily done under $ 50 a day you can have a comfortable stay in Nepal spending very less during the whole course of your trip. So if money is the Mount you are afraid to trek don’t you worry because living in Nepal is very cheap and fun. It country side you won’t be spending more than $40 for a very comfortable stay.

Lakes and freshwater spring

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Nepal is home to more than 5000 lakes and freshwater out which more than 2000 are glacial lakes which gives the perfect opportunity for you to experience an amazing vivid beauty of these lakes which shine perfectly blue well due to the mountains and its reflections. From gokyo lake which happens to be the highest freshwater lake system and Tilicho high up all the way in the Annapurna circuit trek are among the beauty you can experience here in Nepal.

Spiritual Significance

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The birth place of Lord Buddha the founder of Buddhism and a country whose population heavily follows Hinduism the country has countless places of spiritual significance. From peace and a hint of spirituality in the air of Lumbini to the most quite mountains and hills whose environment serve perfectly for mediation and spiritual awakening. Here you will find the best of spirituality if you have a spiritual bent.

Nepalese Food and Cuisine

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Being multicultural and multiethnic and multilingual comes with its own tasty benefits. Even though Nepal’s food is heavily influenced by its neighboring countries like China and India but the Nepalese do it with own twist. Nepal in the old ages use to serve and the trade route between India and China so it has very pretty diverse food variety. Some of the food not to be missed are Dal bhat, Mo: Mo, Chatamari, Dhido.  

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